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16 Benefits of green cardamom for skin, hair, and health

16 Benefits of green cardamom for skin, hair, and health

Does your hair have become a night mare for you? Is your skin giving you immense problems, while attending parties or functions? Don’t worry, we have found an accurate solution for these. Using green cardamom can provide you several benefits for your hair and skin. Besides, is your health giving you troubles to happily face the world? Green cardamom is a wonder drug which snatches away depression from your face and gives you the ultimate feeling of happiness, by providing you with a healthy body.

  • Benefits of green cardamom for health:
  1. Cancer treatment:

 Green cardamom possesses anticancer properties. It initiates the production of an iso enzyme,     Glutathione S- transferase, having strong antioxidant properties, which prevents production of cancer cells in colon. Its anti oxidative properties damages cancer cells and prevent spread of cancer in the body.

  1. Treats bad breath and yellow teeth:

The amazing aroma of green cardamom is helpful in curing bad breath. After every meal, chew a pod of green cardamom to prevent bad breath. It prevents from oral infection, tooth decay and yellowing of teeth. It maintains our oral health. During tooth ache, apply essential oil of green cardamom on affected area, and you will experience amazing response.

  1. Cure of anaemia:

Green cardamom possesses copper, iron, niacin, vitamin C, and riboflavin which initiate production of red blood cells, thus preventing occurrence of anaemia. It also initiates cellular metabolism. Take a glass of milk. To it add a pinch of green cardamom powder and turmeric powder. Consume it daily every night. It will help you to get rid of weakness and other symptoms associated with anaemia.

  1. Healthy digestive system:

Helps to maintain healthy digestive system. Eating green cardamom seeds, powder and oil, relieves body from flatulence. It helps to increase appetite, Maintains normal and regular gastric secretions from stomach, Prevents from stomach cramps. Consuming it on a daily basis makes the digestive system work clearly and smoothly for the whole life.

  1. Alleviates symptoms of respiratory illness.

It increases blood flow in lungs, so provides relief from respiratory disorders like, asthma, cough and cold. Being a warm spice helps in expulsion of phlegm. Inhaling the steam of boiling water in which cardamom powder is added, is the greatest remedy for cough and cold.

  1. Treatment of nervous system disorders:

Consumption of green cardamom powder, mixed with honey prevents person from any nervous system disorders. It makes healthy neurons which can form compact ganglion. It increases our self confidence. This mixture can be taken on a daily basis to get effective results.

  1. Improves blood circulation:

It is a warm spice. In winter it keeps the body warm by increasing blood circulation inside the body.

  • Benefits of green cardamom for skin:
  1. Nourishes the skin:

 It provides moisture to the skin. It has a good healing power, so keeps skin healthy. It acts as a cleansing agent for skin due to its antibacterial properties. It is the best moisturiser than any other chemical moisturiser ever used.

  1. Hydrates the skin:

Antioxidant found in green cardamom hydrates the skin. It increases blood circulation inside skin making it soft and radiant. Anti oxidative properties removes wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. So, it also possess anti ageing properties. Removes dullness of skin and makes it bright and youthful.

  1. Provides glow on skin:

Cardamom purifies blood, by removing toxin from the blood. So, it provides healthy and glowing skin. Its oil can also be extracted to be used as a conditioner for the skin.

  1. Antibacterial properties:

Cardamom has amazing antibacterial properties, so it treats several types of allergies occurring on the skin. It has potassium and vitamin C which must be supplied to the skin daily.

  1. Increases elasticity:

Consumption of green cardamom daily prevents skin from pimples and fine lines. It maintains elasticity of the skin which makes it beautiful and enhances complexion.

  • Benefits of green cardamom for hair:
  1. Makes the hair strong:

Green cardamom makes hair follicle strong from the root. It gives us relief from hair fall and unnecessary hair breakage. It has innumerable good effects on the hair.

  1. Prevents hair damage:

Consumption of cardamom provides healthy and flawless hair. It can be also applied on hair in the form of oil. Texture and structure of hair becomes strong.

  1. Makes the hair shiny:

Cardamom can be applied on hair, along with aloe Vera to make the hair soft and shiny. In order to get the best result it should be applied twice a week.

  1. Antiseptic properties:

Cardamom possesses an amazing anti bacterial and antiseptic properties. It gives relief from the irritation of scalp and from various types of scalp infections. It saves from various types of hair problems and keeps it healthy and dynamic. Daily consumption of green cardamom provides the best result.